Working since 2015


sr group is a multinational group of companies, based and registered in Malaysia. The network is growing across the globe including America, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Gulf.SR group has a vision to achieve ultimate financial freedom for everyone. SR Pakistan is working since 2017 with same passion and mission to reach out everyone with love and sincerity. Indeed, SR is only hope for the people to fulfill their dreams. The possible reasons are attractive business plans, safe, secure and refundable investment, daily passive income and cash withdrawal facility through local commercial banks.

SR is group of professionals having large experience of crypto trading, investment tactics and market scope. By using skills and expertise we trade your investment in the highly profitable businesses and earn profit. SR investments are in the field of Information Technology, Transportation, Crypto trading and education sector.

SR Pakistan got great success magnetizes networkers and investors during the last two years, and its customers and sale increased tremendously. Every Customer is a happy customer and enjoying prominent daily returns on all type of investments and referral bonus.

In Pakistan SR fulfill all government requirements which are necessary to start business and got registration from all concerns. It helps its customer to work with SR more confidently and proud. Thousands of satisfied customers already started in SR Pakistan and enjoying easy, safe, secure investment plan and profit earning.


Company Starts

SR started in Malaysia as a crypto trading company . since 2017 thousand of satisfied customer are enjoying the marketing plan and bonus of SR . Satisfied members who invested with the company and took return back as per company policy start sharing their experince with SR to others and getting benefits of its Business Plan

Pakistan Launching

After the success in Malaysia and other part of the world SR started business in Pakistan . Due to issue of Crypto Trading in Pakistan company started investing in traditional business like Transportation , Real Estate and Educational system . The power of people and network help company to boost in all field they started.

Company Mega Power Show

May 2019 is the most historical day of SR in Pakistan . Company showed its strength and power in B17 Islamabad . Ambassador Malaysia and Federal Minister participated along with over thousands of local people along with SR members.